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I recently spent over $300 with shoretrips for the exact islands that you are going to. Booked "serenity on a Roatan Beach" and it was not serene. We were harassed by locals trying to sell us anything from sunglasses made in China to wooden bowls to young teenage women trying to sell us message for $20! When I say harassed, we couldn't get a 2 minute break from them! Even when we were in the water, they approached us.

Then, we went on a snorkel tour at Goff's Caye. A mere spot of an island with scattered palm trees, mangroves and a covered structure for bbq's. The 30+ minute ride out was very rough and very fast, and the boat did not have a cabin either. It was pretty, but it was not as described.

For Costa Maya, again the description/instructions were not correct. When we finally got to our destination beach, we were again harassed by locals, but not as many because this particular beach was on the outskirts of beaches.

I contacted Shore Trips, and then received this response: "Sadly independent countries like Belize and Honduras (and Mexico to a certain factor) have these problems. There is no controlling it other than not booking a vacation to those destinations. Much more poverty in the western Caribbean nations than those in the eastern Caribbean that are still getting support from foreign governments. We get the same thing in Europe when people travel to places like Turkey and notice all the peddling that occurs there compared to Italy or Greece. It’s something we battle with in every part of the world.

Sam Karp

I have gone on over 10 cruises, 8 in the last 4 years. I have seen a positive progression in excursion companies in the way that they are getting business. If you can wait until absolute last minute, such as arriving into port, then you will find a whole litany of tour companies just waiting for you. Look for them to carry signs, and most of them will have ID badges with picture and name. Carry cash with you for an extra bargaining tool. Sometimes when you get to port and the weather is ugly and you are confirmed on a day at the beach and you want to change up, if you wait till last minute, you can do this. When you book with people like shore trips, you have to go or lose that money.

As you can see from what Sam said: if you don't want to go through this, don't go. When you peruse through their web site note the following: no negative postings whatsoever about their excursions. You are not allowed to post anything. It has to go through them first, and that means either they are making it up or they are editing what people are sending to them. We booked a horseback ride in St. Kitts through them 2 years ago and we were the only ones on the tour with the guide. It was far rougher than the description, but fortunately my husband and I handled it very well.

There is lots to choose from out there, so choose well. Happy cruising.
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