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Question Compensation

Well, obviously this is circumstances beyond the cruise line's control. When you travel, stuff happens. It is certainly disappointing, but as said above you just have to relax and live with it, and go on and enjoy your cruise.

If you read your cruise ticket carefully you will see that it is so written that the cruise line has essentially NO legal liability.

Nevertheless, it seems to me that the compensation offered is not sufficient. Nothing was said about credit for the missed day cruising? Surely you are entitled to a full cash refund of 1/7 of the cruise fare, to start with!!

If that is done, then the compensation for air rearrangements or the hotel room, plus the OBC, plus the future cruise credit, is a pretty good package. But a night in a hotel and $75 for meals is in no way compensation for a day missed from your cruise, IMHO.

Were the incoming pax a day late in disembarking? I wonder what is being done for them?

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