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Am home and took a nap. I'm wiped and truth be told, those incidents took their toll. My EF rate (the amount of blood that is pumped from the heart) is normally 50 to 60%. My current rate is between 20 and 25.

I am on prodigious (and I mean PRODIGIOUS) amounts of Potassium yet it isn't bringing the level up near to what it should be. So they also have me now on a more absorbing type of Magnesium. That was the cause of my problems; my electrolytes were completely out of whack. It's going to take a long time, if ever, before I return completely to what ever "normal" is for me.

Although it's totally against my nature I have promised all as I promise you, that I will be taking it much easier this winter. Jeff told a fellow physician in the room the other day, "You don't know this guy. I do and if you believe that......." I told him, "No Jeff, it's time for both of us to smell the flowers."

Nevertheless, my adored niece DeAnna was there about noon to pick me up and is already back home...and that's after going shopping and spending an hour with me! I am truly blessed beyond belief.

Jennifer (Jeff's wife) and their children Jeffrey and Katie (13 and 16) came every evening to visit and I of course saw Jeff everyday. They all spoiled me rotten. Katie almost literally begged me to please spend Thanksgiving with them (backed up by Jen) and I acquiesced and my family understands as they know next Tuesday will be a difficult day for me and as this will be the first Thanksgiving without her, it will be an entire venue change yet I'll still be with people I love, a love obviously returned in spades.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, Ithank each and everyone of you. Each of you I love as well and for someone whose just experienced what I have, I couldn't lie about such a thing if my life depended upon it.

Blessings on all and Prayers for those on the list as always.
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