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I was on Seabourn - Canada New England, and while in Canada I received a text message containing a picture of our dogs.

I looked at the picture on my cell phone - but it must have been 5 MB in size when attached. Even though I had "data roaming" turned OFF on my phone I was surprised to see a charge of $480 just for data on my next phone bill.

The amount of data they said I used was a mere 28 MB - but the charge is $25 per megabyte.

Now, I had data roaming turned off - so I wanted to know what kind of data I was being charged for (the bill did not specify it was the picture, this is just what I assume). Verizon actually told me I needed a court order to find out the exact type of data was I was charged for due to "privacy laws." Well, we are talking about my own phone.

Needless to say, I was told a lot of stupid, useless, incorrect information about that charge by Verizon. Finally I got a supervisor to retroactively reduce the charge to a mere $30 to reflect the cost a 50 MB data package had I pre-paid it.

Obviously, I didn't buy one in advance because 50 MB is nothing if one picture can use up 28 MB of data transfer. But in the end it was worth not having to fight over the $480 charge - so we just paid it.
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