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I know the last post here was almost 2 years ago, but I just have to comment.

I'm a brunette and I burn so easily! (shocking, I know) I'm the only one in my family with sun issues. I went to Acapulca for spring break in high school many years ago, constantly slathered on sunscreen, wore a tshirt, and still looked like a lobster one day. It was so bad that a doctor told me I had a 2nd degree burn all over my body and had to miss school for the next week because I had to apply certain creams every hour and have towels soaked in some mixture all over me at all times. It was horrible.

I going on a Wester Caribbean in March (spring break time again) and I'm terrified about coming back sunburned. I don't like being red. I don't like the pain. And I don't like skin cancer (luckily I haven't suffered from this yet, but I know people who have).
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