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Loved Parts I and II of your review! The photos are wonderful!

It's forecast to be a dreary wet day today and I have to Chair a Humane Society Meeting. Then I have to go buy some Keurig cups for my coffee. I forgot to order thinking I had another box. Well, I didn't. I think one of the deaprtment stores in town carries them. Worst case scenario, the machine also comes with a basket and you can use your own coffee and I have small bag of Dunkin' Donuts coffee so at least I won't go through withdrawl.

Glad to hear your arm is getting better R/D and hope you Mike are finally getting some relief from your broken knee. It's hell when one gets older and it takes twice as much time to heal, ain't it?

Thinking about you Luanne and all your packing preparations and glad to hear you had some break time Moiraine to read yesterday. Love both of you'uns!

Judy, is that Wright Flyer project about to come to fruition and if so, is Keith or someone gonna' fly it?

Hope everyone has a wonderful "hump" day and of course Prayers and Blessings continue!
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