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Good Morning CruiseMates...

Just popping in to say howdy! Yesterday was busy. Dropped d/d off at the sitter and took d/s to the orthodontist to get all the stuff done that he'll need before he gets his braces. Oh my gosh this is such long drawn out production. But 2 years from now when he has beautiful straight teeth, I am sure it will be worth it. Then we will start the whole process over with the girl. We made a stop off at my wonderful foot surgeon's office to have him look at a bump that is developing on the joint of my big toe... It would appear it is nothing major and once I get my new orthotics and a nice pair of athletic shoes, we hope it will resolve. Most of my aches and pains these days seem to be due to arthritis, but luckily it is minor. So I need to just stay active and busy to stave it off I guess... I think when you quit moving that's when you get in trouble. But its hard to keep moving when it hurts.

I had enough time after our appointment to stop off and pick up some buffalo wings, drive home, feed the masses and get to rehearsal. We are really making progress and I love my character. She is totally straight, kind of bitter and nasty, but has some really funny lines. So I am enjoying it tremendously. I have no more rehearsals this week until Sunday so my time is devoted to memorizing these lines... Oy! it is a project! But i must get off book before we leave for our cruise in 10 short days!

Speaking of our cruise... of course I booked a guarantee, which is not a problem, as long as there are 4 beds, a bathroom and I have packed my ear plugs I am pleased... But we still have no room assignment.

Evidently the ship is nearly sold out There are still a handful of cabins left but they are doubles and triples... I have no idea where they will put us...

Today the focus is getting caught up on the domestic duties and getting my kitty to the vet. Sebastian has had a terrible sneeze lately and I am kind of worried about him. So in a bit I will call to see if they can get him in.

Hope you all are having a great day!

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