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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
I agree. We always go to the Muster Drill, but really, when it comes down to sinking or swimming everything's up to us. The crew are trained to go to their Muster Stations. That's great if the ship is upright and has lights! Otherwise, I think the crew will panic along with the passengers.

For instance, a man on the Costa Concordia was quoted as insisting that the lifeboat's be launched when the crew had no idea what to do.

I think they'd be panicked too, it's for real. People certainly panick, rush to a boat, many in an uncontrolled way like in a drill. There are multiple reports of people shoving others out of the way in order to get on a lifeboat.
So many say "they didn't know what to do", what does that mean? Who was at the boat? Was it the trained personnel, was it language barrier, was it not all of a launch team there with each his own duty to perform, was it related to panicked uncontrolled passenger behavior?
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