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Default Best and Worst Concordia reporting

I am seeing so much ridiculous news coverage in the media on this event I thought I would star a thread.

If you see either a really good news release, or a really bad one, post it here:

A really bad one...

Costa Concordia List of Missing and Dead Passengers Released

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Costa Concordia list of missing passengers and crew currently stands at more than a dozen individuals. Among them are Barbara Heil and Gerald Heil of the United States. Eleven persons are confirmed dead, but only person has been identified. Italian officials released the list moments ago.

The Costa Concordia death toll remains at eleven persons. But only Sandor Feher, the 38 year old crew member from Hungary, has yet to be identified.

What good is a "list of missing and/or dead people" with no names on it? I want to know if they were passengers, crewmembers, where they were located, how the passed away (if they did). I realize some are missing - but what about names, and titles...
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