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Originally Posted by Aerogirl View Post
Iím watching 20/20 and boy are they beating up on cruising especially Carnival. YIKES!
Watched 20/20 last night and they certainly focused on Carnival (cruised the Carnival Fascination once) and the party atmosphere. In all my years of cruising I've never, ever witnessed anything near or close to that party atmosphere. Did hear of a man years ago on our ship who dived into the pool and was taken off in a stretcher..Several years ago on Celebrity no less a woman who is well known on the boards I met up with and found her "drunk as a skunk" weaving her way down the corridor, she had been to the Captains party with all the free liquor..but that is it... What shook me to the core was the tale of a couple on Dr. Phil's show who have cruised 60 times, who told of what actually happened on the was absolutely spine chilling... a family giving this couple their bAby to save... As for me, I can grab my passport even today and rush onto a cruise ship as many of us will.
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