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The Smith widow got a million because someone died - and the amount was derived by applying the Death on the High Seas Act. (it was actually just under $1,000,000 but the cruise line rounded it off and raised the amount so the family could get something - as part of a settlement.

In other words - that is a different case, and it was still ruled by law.

Maritime law limits punitive damages a great deal, so the reality is Costa made an offer but they don't to give anyone anything except what they lost.

You have the option to refuse it, but then you have to sue Costa in Italy and prove you are eligible for punitive damages when that is already limited by law. Remember, othjer nations don't have the same tort laws we have, suing for pain & suffering is much less common outside the U.S.

I have no idea how much the people onboard who were not injured "deserve," but I thought $14,000 sounded fairly reasonable.
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