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Default Cruise Like a Norwegian?

Now, I like NCL as a cruise line and I especially admire their ambition to do things differently from the top two cruise lines. Even though the line has a dozen ships, they only carry 10% of the cruise market at most.
But they now have a new re-branding effort underway to get away from being known as “NCL” and changing that to “Norwegian.” You may have seen the new ads saying “Cruise like a Norwegian.”
Personally, I find that ad campaign a little off-putting, as if I am supposed to know how Norwegians cruise and aspire to be that way? Why can’t I cruise like what I am, an all-American boy with generally British and Mediterranean roots? But what bothers me even more about the re-branding effort is when it manifests in unintended ways.
For example, the new contest to re-name the youth programs has a description that says “The winners will be chosen by a panel of Norwegian judges based on the most creative and original name that reflects Norwegian’s brand new youth program.”
Okay – are the judges actually from Norway? Somehow, I doubt it.
Does NCL, I mean "Norwegian," not see how their new branding campaign can become pretty awkward at times? Has the "Norwegian" become an adjective instead of noun? Someone notify Websters.
What do you think of the idea?
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