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Originally Posted by Chimmicat View Post
New to forum and cruising, but would like to take my Mom on New England Cruise. Is this a popular cruise? Should I book now or closer to September? Is $649 to $750 a good price for a 7 day cruise, I think it might be or perhaps it gets lower. Anyone with experience or input, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
$649 - $750 is OK for a seven day cruise. What category cabin is it? It's about the top for an inside, good price for an outside and an excellent price for a balcony.

I would book now, especially if you have a preference on location. i.e. Near elevator, higher or lower deck or toward the center of the ship.

Waiting is always a gamble. There is a chance that there may be a cabin available but the cruise may be sold out. It is also a possibility that the price may go up and not down.

I have booked many cruises less than 60 days before sailing and have not had a problem. However, I will "probably" be sailing on the Carnival Liberty in March and the price now is about $200/pp more than when I booked last Summer. I'm glad I booked early on that one.

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