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Originally Posted by ruthlessboss View Post
Not much, just on bacteria, then it takes minutes to work. People think it kills on contact, not so. Sanitizers don't touch virus, as much as people think so.
Noro is a virus.
I'm one who passes the sanitizers because I know I've scrubbed my hands. Others think we non users are being careless, not so. Should we use the squirt just to please people around us?
Washing our hands is the last thing we do before leaving our cabin & never touch a thing before eating except the plates & tongs at the buffet which during a code red are not used by pax. We've been on maybe 6 ships with the Noro & have yet to get sick. (lucky?) maybe. I feel if you treat all surfaces of the ship as being infected during a breakout you can almost avoid it especially without using something like the ineffective sanitizers. This especially includes elevator buttons, chair arm rests, public railings, ships computer keyboards, etc.
That being said, watch us get sick on our next trip in April.....lots of kids means lots of germs.
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