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Question Using sanitizer?

Originally Posted by ruthlessboss View Post
Not much, just on bacteria, then it takes minutes to work. People think it kills on contact, not so. Sanitizers don't touch virus, as much as people think so.
Noro is a virus.
I'm one who passes the sanitizers because I know I've scrubbed my hands. Others think we non users are being careless, not so. Should we use the squirt just to please people around us?
YES, you should. Not to "please" people around you, but to establish that everyone needs to use them all the time. It is for the same reason that everybody should always wash their hands in the restroom all the time.

It won't hurt you to use the sanitizer, and it might encourage the person behind you to use it. It is true that it won't kill noro but it will kill lots of other things, e coli being the most significant.

So why in the world would you NOT use it?

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