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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
Be that as it may Trip, it is what is happening. Those that cruise a lot know it but those who have been considering a cruise for the first time don't and now won't.

I don't know who is going to be the hand police. Of course that really isn't possible. Same as the paper you have to sign before you board that says you arn't sick. No one and I mean no one is going to say I'm sick or I don't feel so hot. Why would they. If they were willing to do that in the first place, they wouldn't be at the dock.

I believe the cruiselines have to have an offer in place such as moving your cruise if you are arriving at the port sick. There has to be something in it for the passengers besides non-boarding. The cruiselines don't have anything in place at the dock for anyone who isn't feeling well and shouldn't be boarding therefore will board and not risk the loss of their vacation money.

I don't think insurance would cover this either so...................cruiselines need to step up to the same plate they want their passengers to step to.
very valid point made ....

ready to go, - anytime....


Thanking all of you terrific potential cruise mates for your interest in my upcoming Celebrity Solstice Transatlantic sailing and other future cabin-share sailings.

I am now all set, looking forward to enjoy a well priced starboard balcony in hopefully fair weathers and have no new plans until November 2012 at the earliest.

Until then, wishing all of u fair winds and smooth sailings.
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