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Default Some good opinions.

To answer some points that were brought up first JohnthedOg:

I stated that the cruise line should raise the price of the cruise itself, to offset the extra care and quality in the food and service. To be charged a extra fee makes it seem like they are nickle and diming you. But I never said it should just be included.

I do agree about the point being in the future more and more activites will cost extra. How far can they go ? well look at the airlines. They pushed the envelope so far that at the basic's can double the original fare. Items such as:
Pillows, food, headphones,aisle seats, window seats, bulk head seat, carry on bags, checked bags, they are even thinking about charging to use the restroom.

How far can cruise lines go? well we see it already in some of the things that never existed years ago and one of those Items is specialty restaurants. Thought up with just one thing in mind, raise the profit of the cruise line.

My wife and I do not drink soda, But we heard on how high the prices of soda packages can be especialy if you have kids. But will free ice tea be a thing of the past soon?

This is just meant as some discussion material and in no way is it meant to be confrontational. I do respect all opinions on this matter. So lets hear how you feel.
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