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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
I find it difficult to imagine the entertainment being as good on Oasis, but having only been on Allure, they both may have excellent shows. It has to be very hard to top the shows on Allure. Now, I wonder if they, after a time, just switch the show from one ship to the other?
According to performers from the Oasis. Shows like "Chicago" and "Hairspray" are not interchangeable between ships because of contracts with creators. The contracts also specify a set period of time for the show to run on a ship. The performers also pointed out that cruisers who saw the show on the Allure would not want to see the same show on the Oasis. This is pretty sound thinking. I was surprised when I was on the Epic that they did have a "Chicago" minishow in the bar which I would think required some kind of contract just as when they have Abba night on the Epic they must have a music rights contract.
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