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Originally Posted by doopydozer View Post
If kids are allowed in the adults only, then adults should be allowed to hang out in the kids only area.

Turn around is fair to all.

Try going to the teen disco and see how fast you get sent from the facility?
Interesting idea there, but if adults started doing that it would motivate kids to go to the adult-only sanctuary and pool. Definitely not something you should try.

Originally Posted by Triton View Post
Every Celebrity cruise I have been on, children were not allowed, nor did parents take them into the Aqua Spa area, which houses the large thallossotherapy pool. It's great having them out of there.

I read on Celebrity's website Blu does not allow anyone under age 12 to enter. I think a kid would not be interested in the Aqua Spa anyway. Celebrity passengers have said it is a more grown-up line for people who don't want many children onboard.

We have a 20 yo and a 19 yo, and kids are kids. That frontal lobe in the brain isn't quite fully mature til 25 or so? .
It is not just the kid's frontal lobe that causes a problem. It also is the parent's idea that the kids are old enough, so they can go in the Sanctuary alone without any problems. I would rather take my 18-year old kid to a bar with me than the Sanctuary alone if I was a mom.

Originally Posted by david30101 View Post
Most cruiselines speculate "adults only" are for people 18 and over. Not how they act. There are a lot of 18-25 yos who still act like there 12.
There are also 18-25 year olds who look like they are 12. I look much younger than 35. Once at a local pool, a lifeguard told me to get out during rest period, thinking I was not old enough to be in there. I told her I was 22. It obviously did not help I am a petite 5-3.

Originally Posted by belgique View Post
I spent many years, starting at age 14, as a lifeguard, both at pools and beaches. At age 69, I still teach swimming.

PLEASE NOTE: I have NEVER seen a swimmer get out of the water to find a restroom.

Just thought I'd throw that in!
So can you tell me why 16 is the minimum age to use a hot tub?

One of my pet peeves is parents letting kids get in them despite the signs saying 16 is the minimum age.

Looking forward to cruising!

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