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I got a phone call myself last night - there was no free cruise involved, but there was a promise of three hotels nights, a free flight anywhere in the US and $80 in dinner coupons. (red Lobster, etc)

All I had to do was attend a seminar. They gave me an address here in Phoenix:

20830 N Tatum Blvd,
Desert Ridge Corporate Center #125
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Company name" Highland Resorts"

They promised me "not a single penny would come out of your wallet" - when I asked where they got my name they said "a friend or relative recommended me."

This last part seems to be a new thing with these scams - they want those recommendations.

By the way, I put her on hold & walked away. She actually had the nerve to call me back. When I said "I want you to take me off of your calling list" she said "as soon as you agree to come to our seminar."
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