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Exclamation Insurance

Originally Posted by Sulross View Post
I would get a new travel agent. I have been on 40 plus cruises and everytime the agent has told me exactly what it will cost for insurance prior to booking the cruise. Somethimes it depends on lenght of cruise, sometime age of travellers some time both. But, you usually know beforehand.

All medical insurance companies will require pre approval for medical services and or reimbursement for pre-approved medical treatment or services.
This requires you contacting your health provider for approval before treatment, unless it is life threatening.
So, get all the contact numbers, e mail addresses and forms required by your health insurer to be completed by any medical provider and/or service including and not limited to Doctors and Emergency transportation etc.
One of the largest cost for an emergency can be an air transport to a hospital or back to the USA.
This is the service that requires special attention.

Second type of coverage for travel is your personal property such as a lap top computer, smart phone or camera. In other words, all electronics are excluded by the majority of the policies sold by the travel industry!
You should contact your home owners insurance carrier or renters insurance company and add a rider to your existing policy, the coverage limits and deductibles vary greatly.

Review your coverage offered by your credit card company.
American Express, Visa and Master Card all have coverage for many purchases for theft, damage or warranty.
Some credit cards will extend the manufactures warranty simply by registering the product upon purchase or at a small fee.
The policies can often be viewed online or you can request a policy by calling customer service.
Some premium credit cards will not have conversion charges or international transaction service fees when using outside USA, always check.

Auto rentals companies offer secondary coverage at a cost, your credit card company also provids limited coverage providing you decline the coverage offered by the auto rental company.
In most cases if your are determined to be drunk or even stoned, the secondary coverage will not pay a claim.
Your primary auto policy may pay for damages if you comply to policy requirements.
Note: Most credit card companies exclude coverage in Countries such as Irland and Jamaica.
Read the fine print and get answers via e mail from your insurer for record.

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