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Mike, the topic of the thread posted by the original poster was a criticism about their HAL Ryndam cruise and so stated in its topic. Big Apple knew that when he/she read the post and then posted his/her totally negative criticisms to the poster.The poster was a newby and if I were the one posting the original complaint, I would have never come back here because I thought BA was acting like a bully. You might have thought that we were discussing a cure for cancer, world peace, or how to eliminate the budget. Don't sweat the small stuff; for goodness sake, it was only a viewpoint expressed by a poster about their cruise!

I totally agree with you that we have the right to say what we think, postive or negative. Heck, I even learn new things about negative experiences, those of my own and others. I learn how to avoid having the same outcome by doing something differently, what not to do, etc. Along the same lines, I also think that we should consider how we word things and show a little consideration to each other.
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