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Good morning everyone:

I can't play pirate anymore. The eye is doing fine. Just a very small amount of irritation and redness. The doctor told me that the eye is the fastest healing organ in the body. I guess he's right. So now I don't have anything wrong with me.

Also: My knee jumped another plateau. I have been handling the stairs pretty well and yesterday I walked all around Costco and Menard's (local Home Depot type store) with no walker or cane, but did use the shopping cart, and did well. A little swelling last night but no baseballs under the skin. I'll be running the 5K in no time.

I hope all of the Dallas folks weathered the storm well. My niece lost the skylights in her house because of hail. They cracked but didn't break all the way through so she at least didn't have buckets of rain in the house.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

Take care,
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