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I used to stay at the Embassy Suites ALOT when I worked in south Florida. I was there back in 2005 when hurricane Wilma went through and did a ton of damage to the place. I have video of the sky lights in the atrium broken and roof tiles flying in along with a huge waterfall from the roof coming inside. One couple also decided it was a good idea to open their balcony door and it blew out their front window that looks into the atrium.

Out of all the hotels I've stayed at in Ft Lauderdale this is by far my favorite, yes it costs quite a bit but figure if you go elsewhere and you want to have drinks in the evening and a hot breakfast cooked to order you will have spent as much as staying at the embassy as evening cocktails and breakfast is free.

I remember one night myself and some other guys I was working with were going to go down to beach place for the evening and we asked if they could call us a taxi, the man who was driving the bus that night overheard us asking and offered to take us down there for free. We gave him a nice tip after he had dropped us off.
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