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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
BPC...I know all about the fluffernutter Ate em,and made many

I think the fluffernutter would be a great addition to cruise cuisine snacks. The Boston baked bean sandwhich might not do as well.

I did a little research on the internet and found some references to the Boston baked bean sandwhich - see below.

From Little known outside of Massachusetts, this dish (the Boston baked bean sandwhich) is a by-product of that state's long tradition of Saturday night baked bean suppers. During the days afterward, leftover beans are mashed with sweet applesauce, spread on buttered brown bread, and covered with piccalilli (a vegetable relish), cold cuts, and sliced cheese to make a scrumptious snack.

From Wikipedia: Recipes for a baked bean sandwich can be traced from as early as 1909 - one book entitled "Cooking For Two" by Janet Mckenzie Hill suggests such a recipe as a "substitute for meatless cooking", and is a much more elaborate sandwich compared to its most common manifestation today
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