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I work in the hospitality industry (duh ) and don't exactly make a lot of money. Cruising is easily the most affordable vacation option for me living in the state of Florida. Day in and day out I am the one that takes care of the guests, so it's nice to be taken care of myself by such a dedicated staff. I don't want that to come off sounding entitled or anything, because it's not. Heck, I'm one of the easiest passengers a cruise staff can have. Never demanding, just go with the flow. Give me great service, keep my glass filled, and my bed made ... and I'm a happy camper.

Also, I have a lot of been there done that. My dad is retired USAF. By the time I was 19 I had already been to a good 3/4ths of Europe. Cruising, at least as long as I pick a route with somewhere I haven't been before, gives me a chance to see stuff on this half of the globe that I haven't had a chance to see before. Of course going back to the same place (like I did last December with Imagination) I was still able to see/do new things.

Past cruises:

Disney Dream - Dec 2013 4n Bahamas
Disney Dream - Dec 2012 4n Bahamas
Carnival Imagination - Dec 2011 4n Western
Carnival Imagination - Nov 2010 4n Western
Costa Atlantica - Dec 2009 7n Eastern

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