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DAY 4; Belize
Our truly rainy day, all day part of the trip, also our 1st tender to shore . We did not have anything planned for this day, so after a slow start and long breakfast we went to the theater which was tender number pick up place. We were in the last group to get numbers before a general just go to the gangway. The way there we sat in the center, and those on the sides with plastic sleeves down got soaked. It was about a 20min trip to the port. This port had a different feel. Smaller less developed with many of the shops smaller than out stateroom. They did have a chocolate factory right there and could tour which was fun and good local chocolate. We didnít leave the port shop area and covered it very slowly in about 2hrs.

Back to the ship we went, one thing I noticed from the tender captains and crew was great enthusiasm for their country. It seemed they truly felt bad for the weather and didnít want people to think there was not so much more about the country. It was nice to see and hear. I would definitely try and do more should I ever visit Belize again.

We went back to the stateroom and watched a movie. Each day there were 3 movies playing for free all day, 2 adult movie such as Lord of the Rings, The Aviator and what not, and 1 child friendly movie like the Lion King, or the chipmunk movies.

At dinner our tablemates had went cave tubing, and it seems the rain stayed on the shore, and about 30min inside it was sunny, go figure. They had a blast and recommended it. They went through Carnival. Also, this night was a magician show in the theater. We went to that and it was great. Also I should note this was the 1st of 2 elegant night (aka formal) I would say of who we saw 90% were dressed in suits and dresses. We did. We just bought a garment bag for this trip, and it could one of the best pieces of luggage you can get. It can store a good amount of clothes which left room in our other bags. We turned in early.

Thoughts of day 4;
In all cruises some rain must fall. Well maybe not, but this was a rainy day and an unplanned day so a slow day. Now while we may seem boring a little, it was our honeymoon, enough said heh. To be more clear this was not a bad day, we did get good rest which was nice.
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