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Default This Scot does Tip

Hi there

OK I am late to this thread - I was on a cruise.

I don't autotip - I prepay my tips. I also bring a roll of small denominations for additionall cash tips.

Now this one is for you Paul, I also tip the server when breakfast is brought to my cabin - every day.

Sure, there are Brits who moan about tipping - it is almost a national sport with some of them; I ignore them.

However there were many on my last 2 week cruise who on disembarkation said they were glad to see the back of all the tipping - and yes they were Americans - some I know were from the Big Apple.

Please, please consolidate the gratuities into the cruise fare - oh I forgot a Celebrity Sales Manager told me once that the Americans would rebel.


PS Paul - a 15% gratuity is not de rigeur in Europe; it is only generally applied to a table size of 8 or more.

Years ago in Germany, I witnessed a party of 12 friends who asked for separate bills at the end of the meal in a restaurant - go figure.

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