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Default Seeking Straight Femalne Cruisemate in 20s or 30s for Carnival Miracle Cruise

I am a 34 single straight professional female looking for someone in my age range to share a room with. All my friends are married or in serious relationships so I do not have anyone to room with. I am looking at the Carnival Mircale going out of NY from June 7th-15th or September 19th-27th. I would prefer the June date but I am open to either one. If you are not interested in that one, if you are interested in any cruises out of NJ or NY ( I am trying to avoid airfare), let me know which cruise and i would be open to look at it and see what I think! I am fun, like to go to the bars/clubs, yet like to relax at the pool, do some shore excursions, go to the spa, etc. I like t do it all. Please e-mail me at if interested! :-D
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