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Default Kicked Off for missing drill on Back2Back cruise?

An Industry newsletter I receive just reported the following - that an 84-year-old lady and her 90-year-old husband were escorted off the Seabourn Sojourn this week after she refused to attend the muster drill.

The couple were on the second leg of a three-leg trip. In other words they had just taken a full cruise - and had attended the first safety drill - and on the second cruise (immediately after the first, they stayed onboard) the husband attended the drill, but the wife said she did not feel well.

Seabourn officials repeatedly tried to get her to attend in person, via phone
calls and announcements, but she refused, saying she had done it before.

---- end of story. They were put off the ship, not getting their second or third cruises. Whether or not they compensation has not been reported, but for the record, the cruise line would not owe them anything since they broke the cruise "technically".

I can tell you thihs, however. I have ducked a snall percentage of lifeboar drills in my lifetime, but I have also attended hundreds of then and they are all substantially similar - and this couple had already been to one.

Topping it off, the woman was not feeling well.

I have to say I sailed on the same ship last year and lot of people who read my stuff realized I was just not that impressed. This is supposed to be the cruise line that will go out of its way to do anything for you. Sounds like management has gotten a little power-crazy, and forgotten who pays their salaries. And add a good dose of ineptness when it comes to customer service.

In all honesty, that was pretty similar to what I suspected when I cruised on the same ship.
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