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The cruise line made several announcements before the drill � saying in no uncertain terms that it was mandatory for every passenger to attend, and that those who did not would be put off the ship. Reports indicate there were a few stragglers, but that eventually everyone showed up - except our one lady who claimed illness. This made the drill run overtime, and when the husband finally returned to his stateroom he was shocked to see officers already packing their belongings in order to put them off the ship.

So, unless the woman nodded off as her head hit the pillow, she heard the announcements.

I was told that the woman was contacted in her room during the drill and that when they warned her she must attend or be put off the ship she replied "I don't want to go," and "My husband is there." According to Steve, she had just a pacemaker installed in her chest before the cruise and the husband told him she specifically said was not feeling well.

So now, she was contacted in her cabin, and, was mandated to join the muster, and she just didn't want to go.

We have the information that the passengers told the agent, and, we know what the line did, but not what they were told by the couple, and, when. I think my history here shows I am a sympathetic person when responding to some of the situations posters have posed, but, I am not in this situation.

I'm not sure yet, but, something is sticking in my craw about this story, that's not kosher. She is out the money, let's hope her agent told her to buy insurance, but, would that be covered? "Leaving the ship, because I didn't do the mandatory muster?"....hmmm

I do feel the removal,could have been handled better though.


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