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Default Blood pressure

Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
If there were no fast food stores people would not be looking for them...Well isnt it about supply and demand...people do look for them so there are fast food stores...people do eat frozen food and soups loaded with sodium which is why that food who to blame the fast food store selling garbage or the ADULT on his own free will walking into a fast food restaurant...The adult who walks into a fast food restaurant on his own free will is to blame...The so called parent who walks his or hers child into one of these garbage places is to blame. Other then a thyroid problem (seems like everyone who is over weight blames it on a thyroid condition) when you see a kid who is 12 years old and weighs 150 lbs more often then not the parents are fat also.

As far as food. for breakfast I eat plain Cheereos no milk an Orange and a cup of green tea. Lunch is a Nutra System portioned control meal with a cup of Seltzer and a cup of green tea. For dinner is another orange and a Nutra System meal with Decaf Tea. Every single day. On either Sat or Sun I eat out in a restaurant sometimes Japanese hibachi, Itialian or in a steak house.

My weight has been steady with no weight gain or loss...blood pressure is in the area of 110/70. My pressure used to be 150/95 before I decided to take control of my life style.
My blood pressure reading is always 120/70 or in the vicinity .

I also meditate every day .
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