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Afternoon mates. I've walked the dog and been trying to figure out how to keep my mom from giving away all of the family pictures. She's already given away several packets of them, and I'm going to have to figure out a tactful way of asking for them back. My brother and I would actually like to have them. Mom will go nuts when I try to reason with her and explain. Wish me luck. I figure people can make copies of any pics they don't have and return to me. I'm going to ask my brother to get the rest of the pics when he gets back from vacation so she can't get rid of any more. We can make copies and send off to people...but it's diffcult if she gives them all away.....I have no idea of what she is thinking. My aunt asked me for pictures from my cruises. I guess my mom saw them and whined, and my aunt gave them to her...and my mom sent them back to me in the mail. Now I need to mail them to my aunt again, telling her to not let my mom see them.

Anyway, have a good day all.
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