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Todd, love the Common Sense post - so true, so very, very true!

Anniegb - thank you so much for the wishes/thoughts, but my intent with the post was to show how bad the costs are for such minor illnesses (okay, maybe not minor but very possible for anyone to have); it was a shock to me!

The real shock, though, is what the hospital will actually get paid. Of the $10K for the two day stay, the insurance will pay about $2000 - 3000 to the hospital with the remaining $7000 - 8000 being written off per insurance guidelines of reasonable and customary (yeah, right!). As you can see, the RA infusions are nearly halved by the insurance company ($4000 billed but about $2000 - 2500 paid to the doctor). My insurance statements show, however, that the full billed price was paid but if I check with the hospital, they will show me what actually they received and what was written off (insurance does not like us to know that!).

Also, one of the "Christmas Tree" provisions came to light to us recently. Our DD#2 just graduated from college and we were expecting to have to eliminate her from our insurance. After a little research and questioning, we found out she is covered until the end of the year she turns the age of 26, regardless of being in school or being married as per the new mandates. We had always known she was covered under DH insurance as long as she was in school, but then expected her to get a job with insurance or get married and be under her DH insurance. She gets married this weekend. But, she will be covered until the end of the year under DH insurance!!!???!! I personally think that is a little extreme of the government plan.

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