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On cruise ships the waiters and room stewards are on a tip system so their cruise ship wage is proportionately lower.

I don't understand why this is a big deal since here in America wwe are used to this system in restaurants.

In fact, while you may not realize it, restaurant tipping in Europe is almost unheard of, and I have asked locals and it turns out that it is because they pay their waiters a normal (not tip-adjusted) wage.

As a result restaurants in Europe generally cost about 20% more than similar places in the States - because the service is included whether or not they itemize it separately on the bill or not.

In fact -many restaurants in Europe have started a "system" of not itemizing the service charge just so unsuspecting American tourists will still leave a generous tip. Yeah, those cute Europeans with their adorable accents are not always as altruistic as we tend to see them. In fact, most of the big cities in Europe have pretty much a New York attitude when it comes to watching out for yourself.

If you ask a waiter in Europe if tipping is expected they always say yes to Americans. Europeans just don't ask, and they also don't tip.
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