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Originally Posted by KDGodwin View Post
I did not look through the threads very much, so let me know if this is already somewhere for me to read....... BUT.....

Is it better to cruise out of LA to Hawaii, or find a cruise that goes around Hawaii start to finish? I noticed Carnival doesn't even offer one out of Hawaii, but Princess does.

What are your thoughts? My husband and I are thinking of booking something as soon as we get back from our cruise in September...

It really is a matter of taste.

The LA Hawaii or repositioning cruises (Hawaii - Vancouver) give you both the ship experience and a chance to see the islands. It will be more of a traditional cruise experience.

The only major line that can do a seven day, Hawaii only, cruise is NCL American. This will be more of a floating hotel type of experience. There were some major problems when they first did the Hawaii cruises but since they pulled two ships out and got their act together things have improved.

Personally, I would do the LA Hawaii route. Carnival Splendor is doing one cruise next year on January 19th. I like the sea days and being able to see the islands.

Now the final part: If you really want to get the most out of the islands I would do NCL America or do a land cruise and stay on a couple of islands. My recommendations are Maui and Kauai with a day or two in Oahu to see Pear Harbor and Waikiki.

Decisions decisions.

Take care and I hope I haven't confused you more.
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