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Originally Posted by bonnyprincecharlie View Post
Yes, I agree the idea of travel is to have great and diverse experiences. The idea in this thread was to encourage innovation with novel delivery devices and a varied menu. The source of the menu entries can be both domestic and foreign. For instance, I love a good spit of roast lamb and vegetables or a good gyro especially when it is delivered with theatrics added by a Greek server who shouts at me, "Pepsi. Pepsi, Pepsi. No Coke," just as John Beluchi would on the Saturday Night Live Show. However, I believe that if the cruise ship served gyros or shiskabob in the main restaurant they would be overrun with complaints, about the long lines people had to wait for their gyros and shiskabobs. But to get back to reality, there are many good food dishes that are served in foreign countries that could be offered through food carts or fast food outlet vehichles positioned at strategic times around the ship. And the great thing is that they would made from quality ingredients served by individuals who have been medically cleared and supervised by ship officers who ensure good service. The big plus is that the risk of contracting toumaine, or intestinal parasites or eating dog are very small.
There is a huge difference between Roast Lamb and Vegetables and a Big Mac and French Fries...Im pretty sure a majority of the people would not want to see any type of fast food outlet on a cruise ship...Getting fast food on a ship is nothing I would look forward to considering I can get that every waking hour of my life in just about any country in the world.
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