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Originally Posted by bonnyprincecharlie View Post
You don't need chefs to prepare food for the carts. The food is prepared by crewmembers at the carts. Like they do in New York. The same people do the prepwork preparing hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza. It's not rocket science to prepare a gyro.
It May not be rocket science but I would think they feed people enough on cruise ships...breakfast....snacks...lunch...snacks....di nner...finger sandwiches at night...or a buffet.....poolside about as much as anyone would want to to add food carts and to bring an added burden on the crew, I doubt the crew will cook and prepare Gyros...that is the food and beverage dept... Im not so sure its a good idea...besides where do they get the extra crew members...Im sure a ship will need more then one cart...I don't eat fast food myself...3 meals a day is plenty.
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