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Because I have not been online for over a week, I'm seeing this whole thread in one "go", and it's fascinating how something obviously intended as a bit of whimsy got diverted into a discussion of manners.

I always figure most of the grammar and spelling errors are the result of someone typing quickly and not bothering to go back and read over what was written; after all, this is just a friendly chat and everyone tends to be a bit careless among friends. That doesn't mean I don't find some of the results amusing, though.

Many years ago I came across a quote that has made my stress level in life much lower. I don't remember to whom it was credited or the exact wording, but the gist of it was, "Don't attribute to malevolence what might be the result of simple ignorance." Or in the case of a misused or misspelled word, realize that what you may consider ignorance may instead be rushed typing.

Just as an aside, my grandson spilled chicken noodle soup on his father's keyboard and as a result neither the apostrophe nor the semicolon work anymore. They've managed to put up with it for over four months now.
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