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The power I have in this place scares me at times. I feel like Justice John Roberts, at times. Anyway - this...

On my comment cards I like to write comments on the really excellent employees I encounter on my cruise. Last cruise it was the waiters and my cabin steward. I was hoping my comments helped them somehow. Like in their personnel file or someone lets them know how pleased we where. Does that mean nothing, but the rates count? I also issued 2 WOW cards on Royal Caribbean does this help the staff that receive them?
I think Bruce would agree with me that Wow cards DO have some impact. The key is realizing that a cruise ship is like any work place, where things are designed to be certain things. Ratings cards can be tabulated, but to read the notes and make somehow process them requires a lot of extra work - just not always likely to happen. Now on some ships there may be a person who takes pride in reading all the extra comments and making notes - but what do you really think usually happens given the state of most workplaces these days?

Wow cards are designed to be processed, though, so they do count.

I hate to sound jaded, I am just telling you cruise ships run like any other business. There are processes that get done the same way week after week. You best bet is to work within the process, not try to stand out. Does that make sense?
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