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Day 5 - Carnival Breeze - First Day at Sea

With ALL the passengers onboard today, I woke up fully expecting to be on a crowded ship.

Making my way up to Lido Deck just after 8 A.M., on Decks 10, as well as 11, all the loungers in the sun, the tables in the shade, around the main pool area, the chairs and tables nearby, were already all occupied… with towels, and backpacks; not people.

This phenomena seems to be “cruise ship disease”, and one that over the years apparently no cure has been found.

It’s one of the few times seemingly nice cruisers loose their minds, and are mad to mark their territory. They really should just act like dogs and cats, and spray their territory.

I found a spot from which I could people watch, and do a bit of work on my laptop, and as I watched, the amazing thing was most of the “marked” loungers, tables, etc. sat empty of bodies for the majority of the day. All those “saved” spaces went unused except for possibly a 10 minute visit, for people to check if their belongings were still there.

It’s understandable, as the sea day schedule was packed solid with activities. One could easily go from one thing to the next throughout the day. And judging from the towel carrying seating, most people did exactly that.

This afternoon Jimmy’s C Side Bar-B-Q was open for the first time. The lines were long at some points, but actually moved pretty quickly.

It offers a nice variety in its menu; pulled pork, several different types of smoked and spicy sausages, with nice condiments as well. The food was very good, but given a choice between the two, I’d opt for a return to Guy’s Burger joint.

Several times through the day I found a quiet place to “work”, but I kept running into people I knew, and stopping to chat. By late afternoon I’d had a great social day, but didn’t get too much work done.

I did get a chance to check out the forward decks on 10, 11, and 12, that I hadn't visited yet.

Many more pictures in my Breeze photo gallery

In the evening I stopped by the CruiseMates group cocktail party, and then on to dinner. Tonight we lingered over dinner conversation, and missed the show times entirely. But, as we found out earlier in the cruise, I should be able to catch them another time.

Afterwards some of the CruiseMates gang wanted to play some Blackjack with me, so we went and had some laughs in the casino.

Tomorrow is Dubrovnik, Croatia. As I believe Estonia is the hidden jewel of Baltic itineraries, Dubrovnik is the hidden jewel of Mediterranean itineraries.

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