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As with most things....what one person does not like....others truly do.

Beautiful ship, but too many changes.
Personally, I love the changes. I love the Ocean Plaza and the Red Frog Pub.

The menu was drab and food not as good as before.
I agree there have been changes, but I am not a this has not affected me as much as it may others. I can always find something every night that I truly enjoy.

The entertainment was not good at all. Cheap and not the VEGAS style as before.
I do not go to the shows (I am always to busy in So this does not affect me. I will say that I am WAY over yet another game of Trivia...HOWEVER there are those who adore trivia as much as I adore karaoke.

The Captains party was boring and you had to BUY your drink and others were $1 off.
This has been in place for several years. Sorry you were not aware of the change.

WE never saw the Cruise Director unless there was a scheduled event and she was only there for a few minutes. The Cruise Director has always been very accessible during the other cruises.
Not sure who your CD is. Some Cruise Directors like Jen Baxter are usually in the Piano Bar every night until it closes. So sometimes it is just a matter of knowing where they hang out.

YOU must buy the sea sickness pills at $3.49 for 4 pills. They used to be free. I can buy dramamine cheaper than that.
Again, this change has been awhile for years. We always bring our own from Walmart.

The Piano bar had a guitar player there for the first 4 nights. Then we were told the piano player was sick and would be back- again, poor entertainment.
This I can understand. People get sick. I do not consider this poor entertainment. I consider this "life".

There was a supposed "burlesque" show, that appeared to be thrown together, and not rehearsed.
I have never been to these, so I can not comment.

The comedians were fair. Only one, Mutsie, he was good and not foul mouthed. Funny and improvised with everyone.
Mutzie ROCKS!!!

The Just June was same ole, same ole. Using the F word too often. Sometimes is appropriate, sometimes, just worthless.
The cowboy - was fighting with a audience member and not performing a show. F this and F you is not a show.
Personally, this is not my idea of entertainment either....which is why we do not go to the Adult Shows.
Although we DID go to Mutzie's Adult Show because we know him and knew that he can truly entertain without all the foul language.

The worst part was wanting to complete the sky course- obstacle course as advertised. We got there at 5pm and they were closing. The times were not posted there, in small print in the FUN TIMES. VERy disappointing, The very last day at sea, we had waited to do this and they could not let us. There reasoning is they had been there from 9am and wanted to close at 5pm.
I am a little confused about this. Was it not available the first 6 days of the cruise? If so, then to be fair, you have to own a little of this because you were the ones who decided to wait to the last minute of the last day to try this.

Sorry you did not have a good cruise. Hope your next one ROCKS!!

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