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Default Cabin Temperatures

With the heat here at home being excessive, it got me to thinking about (what appears to be) an increase in the number of complaints about the cabin tempertures.

Tom is currently on the Liberty and his cabin temp was 76 degrees...which is warmer than he likes. Of course, when Carnival comes and checks it...they say "it is within their acceptable limits".

My only problem with that statement is that "they" are not paying for the cruise...."we" are.

Is it just a summer time issue....OR is there something that Carnival is now doing to save money that they are not telling us about????

We have run into this issue a couple of times on the Glory (on Main...Mid OV either side). It was 78 degrees which is to hot for me. It was not the summer time. So we had to keep the drapes pulled to prevent the cabin from heating up.

The Elation (interior on Empress) was 76 degrees the end of May. I do not remember the days being excessively hot.

Our Balcony on the Spirit was fine in April.

Our Cove Balcony on the Magic was fine in Nov....

The most issues we have had were OVs on the Conquest class ships on Main.

I have just been reading more and more complaints about hot cabins...and it got me to wondering....

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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