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Breeze - Day 10 - At Sea-
I was getting on the elevator (I’d been on Deck 5), and I was heading to “my office” on Deck 11. On Deck 10, the elevator stopped, and a somewhat buff looking man in his 50s, wearing a full-on spandex exercise outfit got on (looking like he was going to the gym to work out). Then he got off on Deck 11 with me.

Too funny!

I was up on deck by 7 A.M. this morning, and all the folks with “Chair Hog Virus” were already scampering around, turning to and fro, trying to decide which loungers and chairs would be the best spot for them to mark, and never come back to.

It was yet another hot, sunny day, and the ship’s public areas, and decks did indeed feel crowded.

Loungers and chairs, both in the sun, and in the shade were at a premium on Decks 10,11 and 12, both at the central pool, and aft pool.
There always seemed to be some available on the widened Promenade Deck - Deck 5. Lots of sea day activities going on throughout the ship all day.

The afternoon trivia in Ocean Plaza was the busiest trivia group I’ve ever seen. They were lying on the floors, and filling the nearby aisles.
Throughout this cruise, I’ve noticed many, many people carrying the Blue “sail and spend” cards, meaning there is a large number of first time cruisers on board.

I’m making an assumption many of the blue card holders might be Europeans, as it would have been a bit of an unusual choice for first time cruisers. Of course, people may be experienced cruisers, just making this their first Carnival cruise.

On sea days, I try to do a lot of observing, while the ship “is in action”, with all the passengers onboard.

One such observation, which I think is a simply addressed thing to improve; there are no paper napkins by the self-serve ice cream and yogurt dispensers. With the heat we’ve been experiencing, those cones begin melting very quickly, and I’ve seen more than one just fall out of its cone, and onto the floor.

Another thing to note is there are no bars on Deck 11. At one point in the later afternoon, I did see a small temporary bar set up near the Seaside Theater, but this area is really under serviced for beverage serviced; and therefore costing the company a considerable amount of revenue, I believe.

At every port of call on this cruise, just prior to sail-a-away there are announcements looking for passengers arriving back to the ship at the last minute.

Fortunately, though close, on this cruise, we’ve left port with everyone back onboard.

But John Heald coined a great phrase. He’s be on the PA system, and say “there are the last “pier runners”!
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