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Originally Posted by Cruise Cat View Post
We are going on our 10th Carnival cruise next month. As they said, they are awarding it on the one in which you achieve it. All of our documents, including luggage tags say Platinum and/or VIP!!!!!

Hiya Chuck.......Congrats on your 10th cruise. I thought you and Carol were already Platinum........enjoy the perks. I think VIP embarkation is my most favorite one.

Edit to Add: and enjoy the Magic....she is our new favorite won't find me so much at the Casino bar anymore.....but I have a permanent place in the Red Frog.......have some Pidgeon Pea's.....they are a great warm salty free snack and go perfectly with a Thirsty Frog Red.....

In fact there is a lot to do along the Ocean Plaza during the day, you can even get a hot buffet style breakfast there in the morning. And the wraps and custom made salads at lunch are a great alternative to the crowded Lido.

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