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Originally Posted by aspengal View Post
Evergreen, Done O twice, once as solo. Bring your nicest cruise clothes.People dress well but not formally. O is upscale with excellent food; much emphasis on food.I found just a bit of shall we say -Attitude when solo. Like, I have a husband so I am better than you from married ladies.If you are OK with this go. You are perfect age group for this line.There will be no big shows,drunken partiers, silly games etc.But, no long lines either. Enjoy.
I am sorry you had that experience on your cruise
We have met some lovely single people on our cruises & never heard of them having been treated like that
We had invited one lady to dine with us often as well as friends ...we did tours together with the single lady

Hopefully you will have better luck on another cruise, not all O cruisers are like that
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