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Hi, Mischef. We just got home on Saturday from the Freedom. In MB, we took a shore excursion thru the ship to an all inclusive resort--Seawinds Family All Inclusive Beach Day. We took a bus less than 10 minutes away to the resort and you could see the general area if you looked in that direction on the stern of the ship. The resort was pretty and all secure, locked up tight to prevent others not on the shore excursion to enter. They had chairs set up by the pool area and on the beach. Those on the beach were less than 2" apart. There were also cabanas available upon which you were able to sit on what looked like mattresses. The tour was overbooked and there were not enough chairs for everyone. The staff was very accommodating, moving chairs around, getting drinks for eveyone, etc. There were also vendors on the premise selling their wares, but they were not in your face.

Unfortunately, we left after one hour (the weather was changing and too many people, in our opinion), especially when I saw part of lunch. The hot dogs were already cooked and were placed in a plastic container. The hot dog rolls were in another container, all squashed up against each other. I am sure there was more food than that, but did not stay that long to see what they actually put out for consumption.

We paid $110/pp and did not complain when we got back to the ship. It was our decision to leave, just not our thing. A man at the resort took us back to the ship in his car. We tipped him generously, although he never said anything about a charge.

We did hear from others about taking a cab to the Margaritaville area and they complained of drugs, sellers/pushers, and other horrors, so be forewarned. If you decide to go there, take an excursion or be with alot of people. Don't go off on your own.

Good luck!
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