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I didn't realize all the changes they were making until I read your article. Comparing the old Destiny deck plans to the new Sunshine ones is pretty interesting. The Piano Bar is moving from deck 5 to deck 4, across from the Steakhouse and next to the new Library Bar. "Quiet" library next to the loud piano bar...hmmmm....not sure how that's going to work. But at least you can run next door for the self service wine if the service is slow in the piano bar. Seems a lot of the activities that were in that aft showroom will move to the "Limelight Lounge" on deck 4. Interesting thing is I can't seem to find the disco on the deck plans? And the forward dining room is now only one floor instead of two. Will be very interesting to see how things flow with more people and less venues. I guess if you've got good weather, they can do more on Lido w/ the Red Frog and Blue Iguana up there.

On a positive note, our cabin normally is above that now removed aft lounge, so at least it should be nice and quiet.

For anyone who wants to compare old to new...

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