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Originally Posted by rhythmicmum View Post
Thanks Annie and Laura

I can't help it, I'm a planner . I will probably end up just booking now and then looking for someone to share closer to the time. Because I need to book flights and things now, and am working around my kids visiting their dad in the USA (I am in Australia), I need to make sure I dont miss out on cheap rooms on the one cruise where the dates suit me. Better to have to fork out the extra 1000 than have to pay more for the room later. I am not sure what specials would be offered for the summer months anyhow, and I was too late to check out what was available for the same time this year which was a shame.

If anyone can offer advice on whether there are any/many summer specials that would help...I am figuring not so much.

Thanks for your help
I understand your predicament.

If it helps I met Aussies on my late summer cruise last year who booked their flights and then picked up a cruise (at cheaper rates) later on.

The economy in Europe is still in the doldrums and we do not see much uptuen in the next 12 months. So many UK cruisers are holding out for bargains

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