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Originally Posted by I'm a happy cruiser View Post
I am just waiting to hear about all the confusion in Galveston this fall when the Disney Magic comes to town with the Carnival Magic. I can just see people showing up to their cruises for the Magic on the wrong day. Some will be early and others will have missed the ship.

I also loved the name Destiny and not so much Sunshine at first. But I will be on the Sunshine TA and first cruise out of NO. I have cruised the Destiny and am looking forward to seeing the changes.

Actually this has already happened.....on the Carnival Magic last year when it was in Europe....

a lady THOUGHT she had book the Disney Magic ( at a Carnival price, what was she smoking) ....

She was shocked when she arrived to find it was the Carnival Magic....(after she asked where all the characters were)... then she was LIVID that she had been "deceived"....

she actually left the ship on Embarkation day....used her travel insurance.

I would have loved to have read THAT claim.... lol

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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